We are a strategic visual design studio.
Based in London, we develop and implement visual identities and communication strategies for clients worldwide. We focus on delivering value through clarity, rigour, and delight.
Logos designed by Bureau Bureau


Design for real utility

We see each project as a unique communication challenge that bears on the bottom line. We start by identifying opportunities where design can make a tangible difference. Then we optimise for impact through an iterative testing process, leaving room for thoughtful course correction. To make sure our work hits the mark we follow-up with a retrospective analysis.


Reduced cognitive load

Where attention is scarce, direct and effective communication is key. We craft consistent, meaningful, and fluff-free visual experiences that are valued by their audiences and create powerful connections. We care this strongly about clear expression not just because it’s a consequence of clear thinking, but also because it can inspire it in turn.


Detailing with intent

Everything in visual design should be deliberate. While developing a strategy we think from first principles and check our reasoning at every step. When it comes to implementation we care deeply about nuance, craftsmanship, and refinement. There are no rough edges in our work – unless they are intentional and carefully considered.


The pleasure principle

Our brains are tuned to respond to emotion, so the most captivating experiences are compelling on an emotional level. We put great effort in creating visuals that feel effortless and invite audiences to engage more closely with the content. Well-placed moments of charm and wit can add personality and leave a lasting impression.

Some of our clients

Meet the team

Orestes Chouchoulas has worked as an architect and a designer since the late 20th century. He has lectured extensively in architecture and design, and holds a PhD in algorithmic design. He plays bass with jazz/fusion sensation The Karjazzians.

Jacob Valvis is a designer with a background in architecture and a strong emphasis on making and education. He is co-founder of Green Mat Workshop and an inaugural member of Matt + Fiona. He insists on building his own furniture.

Fiona Cheung studied graphic design in Coventry and cut her teeth in Hong Kong agencies before joining Bureau Bureau. She specialises in the cultural and consumer spaces. As a budding singer/songwriter she focuses on existential angst bubble pop.

Evan Larbi is the founder of Studio Junction and is an expert in developing digital products.

Max Zarzycki is a writer and editor, and formerly assistant editor at the Architectural Review.

Dovilė Čiapaitė is an architectural designer and award-winning illustrator with a distinctive visual approach.

Joe Hazelwood-Horner is a designer, illustrator, and digital fabricator who helps turn concepts into real objects.

Alastair Johnson is an architectural designer and illustrator focusing on the visualisation of spaces and activities.

Coco is an indispensable team member despite spending most of the working day sleeping. She is a very good girl.