Branding and design for clarity and delight.

Hullo hullo! Bureau Bureau is a multi-disciplinary design studio in London. We can build your brand identity and help you engage with your audience clearly and effectively. We work closely with our clients to develop visual communication strategies and implement them for print and screen.


Fine design goods crafted with love.


Bureau Bureau is run by Orestes Chouchoulas and Jacob Valvis, with 27 years of combined professional experience in design. We are a small studio with big capabilities. Through our network of talented associates our work can encompass graphics, type design, brand identity, web design, illustration, animation, photography, film, products, packaging, interior branding, wayfinding, and exhibition design.

Our collaborative and iterative process is structured to deliver
clarity → communicative power without unnecessary cognitive load,
rigour → uncompromising attention to detail,
delight → moments of charm and playfulness, and
value → real utility for our clients.


Some of our clients:

Ada National College for Digital Skills Faculty Hull 2017 Oxford Brookes University Studio Weave

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